Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Springfield's housing situation

Using I looked at homes for sale in Springfield, Illinois. The search bar has a "More" option, under which can be found 'Days on Zillow' where you can select between one day and thirty six months. So as of February 14, 2018 Here is the breakdown of Springfield's available real estate:

What am I to infer from this? Are the same houses sitting on the market since 2015? Are people trapped in homes they've been trying to sell since 2015?

The need for a Sales Tax

Let's look at the average home values by City:
Springfield ranks 7th, so the average income tax within the city proper doesn't help fund it's infrastructure, so the wealthy people living outside the city are reaping the benefits of Springfield's infrastructure daily, while avoiding certain taxes and fees. This is why an increase in sales taxes is necessary.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Illinois' very own giant sucking sound: Chicago

Since NAFTA and probably even more economically dire circumstances if the TPP comes to fruition, the U.S. economy is becoming a predominantly service economy instead of a production economy, except for businesses with access to raw natural resources for mining and agriculture, or professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, government officials and business owners.

The bulk of service jobs are in urban and suburban communities and most of those jobs pay such low wages that services like retail and hospitality require government subsidies for their employees and families.

Even if the retail and hospitality industries paid livable wages, there would still be a need for subsidies for the remaining unemployed. For Illinois, Chicago is the largest tax drain on the entire state, People south of Interstate 80 are so far-removed from the plight of the service industry that all they see is the money disappearing for taxes but not the positive effect tax money has on the urban communities.

They would rather not pay any taxes at all, then they could sit on their front porches and watch the amber glow on the horizon, of the cities burning in chaos.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The sad state

Illinois is sinking rapidly deeper into debt and those who can, will leave the state. It won't matter if you move to Chicago, look at the school district budget there, an estimated $600 million shortfall, ironically, the same amount as the Mega Millions jackpot recently. Too bad Rahm Emanuel didn't win it if he bought a ticket.

Out if desperation, Governor Quinn is slashing spending on social service programs, so you might want to save up for a one-way train ticket out of Palookastate. They are so desperate that they started selling lottery tickets online, but the only way they could get by federal regulations is by requiring that all ticket purchasers be residents of Illinois and over the age of 18. Most people across the country who decided to buy tickets probably didn't have a clue until it was too late. Oh well! "Caveat emptor" should be printed in bold at the top of everyone's Illinois drivers license.

This will probably be the last entry on this blog as I am heading west of the Rockies.